Physically if necessary, online where possible.

An organization has many internal and external communication and interactions. From the perspective physically if necessary, online where possible, much of these interaction can be done more time and cost-effective.

With iLinqu you have the solution to realise these ambitions on all locations within your organization.

Sales and Service

In recent years, increasingly more communication and interaction has shifted from personal to (online) self service. For consumers this is in many cases practical and enjoyable. They can arrange affairsat a time and place of their own choosing and in their own pace.

However, not everything can be realized by self-service. For that reason it is good that you can offer video calls and online interaction as an addition to your service.

Your communication is personalized and you can communicate much easier.

In continuation of a conversation you can directly finalize business by signing contracts online.

In this way the wishes of many customers are fulfilled when business is handled immediately to completion.

Informing large customers groups at the same time is easily accomplished with the webinar functionality of iLinqu.

Human Resource Management

HRM iLinqu offers numerous possibilities in terms of:

  • Job interviews
  • Onboarding new employee
  • Education
  • Coaching

You have all the tools available to support employees in successfully developing themselves and contributing to the company.

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Invite your suppliers in your online office for a personal discussion or more suppliers at the same time for a briefing and the provision of documentation.

By avoiding travel you save time. This makes it easier to communicate on a regular basis.

You can share information and sign contracts or other documents online.


Also in operation iLinqu can be used in a variety of ways. From consultations between different offices or departments to daily or monthly presentations to larger groups of employees about results or upcoming changes.

You can easily collaborate between functional areas within the organization, eg for training or evaluating the performance of suppliers.


A permanent online place where everyone can go to find project information and communicate with each other.

A virtual space can also be completed as a project space. In a familiar environment those involved in a project share information and are able to video call with each other.

The project manager can easily give presentations  to inform project members.

The space is obviously only available to those to whom it is relevant.


Increasingly more organizations discover the value of building and sustaining communities.

Within a few days you can set up a community with iLinqu. You can start bringing large numbers of users together to create a group feeling and to share valuable content with each other.

You have the choice to let users chat with each other or in a group, listen to audio, share files, video conference and view recorded content. Additionally, you can give presentations in the community, organize webinars or stimulate joint work on content.

Your own virtual office building and organization


With iLinqu you build your own online business virtual office building. From the central reception to individual meetingrooms, project rooms, webinar rooms and a service desk.

Each area is visualized in its own look and feel allowing immediate recognition when people enter.

You can welcome your guests in a room in which you have invited them or transfer them from the reception to one of the other online spaces.

Your guests can sit back, they are transfered online to the areas of other parts of the organization to start a conversation and share content.