Frequently Asked Questions

This list contains answers to questions we have had over a longer period of time.

In case you can find you question of if your question is not completly answered, please get in contact with us by sending an e-mail.


• Which platforms are supported?

iLinqu is available in a download client or a webbased client.

For the download version of iLinqu Windows 7 or higher is neccesary. We further advice: minimum Pentium 4 (or compairable processor) with at least 2 Gb memory, Microsoft .NET 3.5.

De browser-based version will work on all computers and tablets with flash support. For the download version we support Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

We advice you to use the most recent version.

• How safe is iLinqu?

Safety is a central theme in the development of iLinqu staat veiligheid centraal. The data-transfer is via a secured connection (TLS with 128-bits encryption).

• What is the difference between the download-version and the browser-based versie?

iLinqu is available in a download- and browser-based version. The download-version offers additional functionality for managment, presentation and collaboration. The browser-based version is very well suitable for use on the road or for endusers.

Business model

• Is user licence strictly personal?

No, the licenses are not tied to an individual user. You pay for the number of seats you use on a concurrent basis, as long as you stay within that amount of users you are fine!

Imagine: on weekdays you organize a daily webinar for different groups with varying daily themes. The total number of possible participants add up to 3,000 people. At the same time you have estimated that will be a maximum of 500 simultaneously participants per session.

You can access over 3,000 people, however, as there will never be more than 500 participants simultaneously present in a session, you only buy 500 licenses.

• How many people can simultaneously use iLinqu?

iLinqu works with a so-called 24/7 concurrent user business model. This enables you to give many people access to your various portals and to pay only for the number of  actual simultaneous users. The number of  licenses you have to buy is determined by the maximum number of users in all activated portals simultaneously.


• The browser-based portal is not presented completely?

In case you get a message about an old version of Flash or the portal is not shown correctly, please check if you the latest version of Flash is installed.

You can do this by following this link :

• The content in a panel is not shown correctly?

Presenters can publish  internet related items in a panel on the right side of the chat window. However, not all browsers support this automatically. It may be that you get a message that says “unsafe content.” This is a standard popup in Internet Explorer and can be accepted. Firefox will ask you to add exceptions.