iLinqu offers a total solution for all your online communication and interaction.

Your contacts enter a virtual environment that is designed in accordance with your housestyle design rules. This provides instant recognition of your company. You can move easily from one function to another without the need for another application. Your communication and interaction is continuing in the same virtual environment and without interruption. iLinqu is developed by users for users. The starting points are intuitive, simple, practical and functional.

Below you will find an overview of the key functionality at your disposal.

One to one video chat

The presenter or users can invite any other person for an one to one video chat. After accepting the invitation the video chat starts immediately.
During this one to one video chat any other person can simply be invited to also participate in that call.

In this way, a one to one video chat is extended to a video conference with multiple participants.

During your one to one video chat or your video conference you can use the other iLinqu tools such as the livecam, the panel function and of course the  the public and private chat.


You can easily make a video call with several people. Start the video conference directly by inviting users that are already present.

Also, you can invite people from outside to enter directly into the video conference.

As easy as participants entered in the videoconference you can remove individual participants again from the conference. (The participant can also determine to leave themselves .) During the conference you can make various adjustments to the size of the individual users on the screen.

You can, during the video conference, use the other iLinqu tools such as the livecam, the panel function and of course continue to use the public and private chat.

Moderated Videoconference

During the video conference the moderator can switch on the Moderated Conference feature. From that moment on the moderator determines who can speak in the video conference; this participant gets a green border and can be heard in the conference. Participants who want to add something verbally can “raise their hand” . At that time, the bordercolor around this participant colors orange. The moderator can let this participant speak. The moderator determines during the moderated conference also which participant is visible in what size. The person who is speaking for example prominent and big.

During Moderated Conference you can use the iLinqu tools such as the livecam, the panel function and of course continue to use the public and private chat.


Presenter, Live streaming narrowcasting

You can easily arrange a webinar with the Presenter mode. The presenter is visible centrally in the user interface. During the presentation, the moderator can continue to use the other functions such as the livecam .Participants can easily insert their questions in the group chat or the private chat. The presenter can in that way answer live questions. If desired it is possible to add a seperate editorial channel where a colleague makes a selection of relevant questions or prepares relevant content for the presenter. You can stream live with iLinqu to any location on the internet or your intranet. Alternatively, pre-recorded content can be broadcasted from your own portal.

Audio broadcasting

You can provide a live audio broadcast in your iLinqu portal. In this broadcast additional people can be invited so you can work with multiple presenters or a person can be interviewed.

During this audio broadcast visual content can be presented to listeners and listeners can communicate via public or private chats.

Virtuele spaces and the transfer of visitors

iLinqu offers the possibility to make an infinite number online rooms. These can operate stand alone or you can connect them. This creates an online network of connected spaces that can be individually adapted in look and feel.

Of course you can directly help people that visit you online , but you can also transfer people to another online spaces. So people come either directly into your personal meeting room or at a general reception area before being moved to another room for a webinar or conference.

Sharing (part of) your own screen

The iLinqu livecam function lets you share your screen. You decide which part of your screen you share by selecting, you do not share your entire screen or an open window, but exactly what you want to share.You only send the pixels of your screen, not the data or files lying under your livecam. With this you do not have to worry about data exchange and anything relaterd to that. In case you would like to share files you can can easily do this with the share files function.

Please refer to the description of this functionality.

Presenting content in a panel

You can split the screen of the user in a iLinqu part and a part in which you put any URL.For example, this URL can be a login screen for customizing information in your system. The user remains the same interface, but can simultaneously enter or view something in another system. No data is exchanged with the iLinqu software, everything is recorded directly in the underlying system.

Of course you can also put the slides of your presentation in this panel or other audio visual content such as websites or videos.

Sharing files

In iLinqu you can share files by simply dragging them with drag and drop in the file window.It is also possible to upload files in the window in which the group chat is displayed. By doing so you can easily supply background information.

Group chat and private chat

iLinqu offers both the possibility of group chat which can be viewed by all users and private chat which is only shared with a selected user.In the chat window, you can also upload a file which can give immediate context to the document.


With the snapshot function of ILINQU you can instantly take a photo of a window on your screen and, after you have given a filename, posts in the chat.

You can quickly place an image with explanatory text in the chat. Easy to find and with context.

Smart tools and settings

In addition to the above functionality iLinqu offers more useful tools and settings. Smart, practical solutions that you’re going to apply directly when using iLinqu.