Applications of iLinqu in finance.

Financial service providers can use iLinqu in many ways .

Examples are:

  • Innovative webinars on specific topics in the financial sector
  • Online communities
  • Large scale event / crisis / event portals
  • Regular customer contact from the obligation to inform, one-to-many
  • Efficient and enriched customer calls, one-on-one
  • Scalable education on compliance and regulatory
  • Central knowledge and sounding board functions
  • Cross-media marketing with radio, TV and the Internet
  • Proactive call centers
  • Colleague channels for telecommuting.


iLinqu enables you to quickly and at any time of the day create small or large scale webinars. These are accessed directly from your own Web site or via a customized environment. Periodically or spontaneously, client or colleague, home or office, you have 24/7 acces to communicate efficiently and securely with your audiences.

During the webinars, you can, with easily share content, in groups or individually, you van get in contact with participants in order to provide better and more targeted service or to achieve higher conversion rates.

You can use the comprehensive group and private chat, audio and video broadcasting and one-on-one video chat. Your audience can follow presentations that you push on their screen. You can present PowerPoints slides,  you  can share your (parts of) your own desktop.


More and more organizations are discovering the value of the building and maintain communities. With iLinqu you can bring together large numbers of users within a few days to create a group feeling and share valuable content with each other.

Users can according to your own choice, chat with each other or in the group, listen to audio, share files, participate in a  conferencing or view recorded content. In addition you can give  spontaneous presentations in the community, webinars or organize joint work on content.