Applications iLinqu in Health.

Using iLinqu doctors and healthcare institutions are able to renew various communication processes or align expectations and future needs of society.

Examples of these include:


  • Digital reception for the prevention of unnecessary hospital visits
  • consulting online (one-on-one doctor-patient contact)
  • Providing general information (one-to-many, and 1-to-1)
  • 24 hours online sounding board / specialist in chronic diseases (24/7 Mammacare)
  • Contact with fellow portals for self-reliance
  • Individual patient portal (angels place) for coordinating care providers
  • Live education to patients and / or caregivers

Your personal online meetingroom for e-consults

Save travel time and travel expenses for your patients. If there is no physical necessity for a visit, you can conduct the interview via a video consultation. You can display text, images or video during the call.

It is also possible to invite additional people in your videochat, in that way you the videochat becomes a videoconference.

By doing so you bridge time and distance and give the patient the comfort of a few extra eyes and ears during the conversation.


Online reception and personal online meetingrooms

You visitors can enter via an online reception room, before entering your meetingroom. In this reception you can allready do preparatory activities such as identification or wait for other online guest to arrive.

Once you are ready you take your guest (s) with you to your personal online room. It is available 24/7 and can be customized to your needs so that it recognizable as your online office.

You have all the functionality available as described in features and you can therefore use all audio visual applications. Optionally, you use your personal online meetingroom for a webinar.

Multidisciplinary consultation

You easily organize an Multidisciplinary consultation into your online meetingroom where you are physically themselves. And since your online meetingroom is available 24/7, you do not need to plan any meetingroom.

Because the application is simple and always available, you can easily schedule an additional meeting when neccesary.

Individual patient portals

With iLinqu it is easy to create individual patient portals. Here you can co-ordinate the patient’s care between the various care providers.

The care providers come and visit the patient and share the information relevant to the patient.


Whether it is one to one or one to many, with iLinqu you can provide information in a highly scalable way. You use this all  audio visual support that makes online so powerful. During or after your presentation you answer the questions of the attendees.

Live education to patients and care providers

With iLinqu you have the opportunity to live educate both patients and staff . This is an effective way to have interaction and provide information at any time during the day or in the evenings.

Not only do you provides  Information, if you wish, you can take an examination to determine whether the material is understood. So you immediately know which points still need additional attention.